Tatjana König
Managing Director Falling Walls Foundation

Tatjana König studied law at University in Berlin and Bonn, specialising in International and European Law. She holds a postgraduate degree in Mediation. Her professional career started with positions in the field of politics. Later she worked for a leading international communication agency in Berlin, where she headed a PR Unit with clients from the public and the private sector before setting up her own communication business. In 2013 she was appointed Managing Director of the Falling Walls Foundation.




Office Management

Gabriele von Oppenkowski

phone: +49-30-6098839-70


Executive Assistant to the Management
Lea von Reck
phone: +49-30-6098839-713


Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board
Alexa Ruppert
phone: +49-30-6098839-710
Finance & Controlling
Frank Heerwig
phone: +49-30-6098839-715

Press & Communication

Falling Walls Conference
Event & Guest Management
Christine Brummer
phone: +49-30-6098839-73
Programme & Speakers
Felix Rundel
phone: +49-30-6098839-78
Project Manager
Malte Meissner
phone: +49-30-6098839-718

Falling Walls Lab
Project Manager International Labs
Naveed Syed
phone: +49-30-6098839-76
Project Manager Berlin Lab
Laura Sager (on maternity leave)
phone: +49-30-6098839-761
Project Manager Lab
Lisa Kohler
phone: +49-30-6098839-760


Falling Walls Venture / Entrepreneurship 

Project Manager
Angela Rittig (on maternity leave)
phone: +49-30-6098839-77
Project Assistant
Lavinia Wolf
phone: +49-30-6098839-717
Project Manager
Simone Donecker
phone: +49-30-6098839-768
Project Manager
Anne Heinze
phone: +49-30-6098839-769

Falling Walls Circle
Project Manager
Matyas Kovacs
phone: +49-30-6098839-765
Project Assistant
Anna Eckert
phone: +49-30-6098839-75